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Arthur Hnatek, drumming electronic music

More about the solo project here

The exploration between acoustic improvisation and functional dance music


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Additional selected appearances :
Tigran Hamasyan - The Call Within (2021) / Mockroot (2015)
Erik Truffaz Quartet - Lune Rouge (2019) / Doni Doni (2016) 
Melismetiq - Melismetiq Live (2020)Melismetiq (2017) 
Manu Delago - Delta Sleep Reworks (2020) 
Verveine - Hotdrama (2020) 
Arthur Hnatek Trio

Arthur Hnatek Trio

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AH - drums / Fabien Iannone - bass / Francesco Geminiani - sax 

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New EP Out Now

STATIC - 2020 Album



Arthur Hnatek

photo by Rene Mosele

Arthur Hnatek

Arthur Hnatek (pronounced Na-tek), drummer/composer/electronica artist, is a Swiss born, award winner, contemporary musician. In 2022, he was awarded with a "Swiss Music Price".

These days, he releases and performs electronic music, exploring acoustic improvisations and functional experimental club tracks.

The album "Static", released as the Arthur Hnatek Trio, is a celebration of the electronic culture in a jazz trio setting and has been received with high praises.  

He has also been seen drumming with (Nonesuch and ECM artist) Tigran Hamasyan or the Erik Truffaz's Quartet.

His solo project SWIMS debuted with a first EP in October 2017 on Susan Records. He has performed SWIMS at La Cigale (Paris), Berghain Kantine in Berlin, Label Suisse Festival or Montreux Jazz Festival to name just a few. Since June 2020, he released his first vinyl EP, published by Mouthwatering Records, followed by a series of singles throughout the year and two full EPs featuring Taut. One of their latest track was named “Best Swiss Electronic Track of 2021” by SRF3 and is often featured on BBC Radio 6. 


On the side of his work as a leader, with Melismetiq, SWIMS or his trio (with which he won the ZKB Jazzpreis 2019 at Moods in Zürich), Arthur is an active sideman performing in a variety of styles. He has been seen on stage with many leading figures on the contemporary scene.


As a composer, he has written for orchestra, string quartets, chamber ensemble, big bands and small ensembles.

Furthermore, Arthur holds a position as member of faculty at the ZHDK (Zürich University for the Arts).

Arthur graduated from the New School for Jazz in New York City in 2013 where he studied with Mark Guiliana, Kirk Nurock and many others. His studies were made possible by the Leenaards Foundation grant. 


He lives today in Zürich.


Booking Agent : Kristina Hofstetter


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Publisher : Mouthwatering Records

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